The Virtual_London

7.00pm, Thursday September 14th

 @ citizenM Hotel, Tower of London, London

The Virtual_ is a series of speaker, panel & demonstration events, made for marketing & brand professionals. An opportunity to discover the potential of Virtual Reality and other emerging medias to learn, play and interact with new models of experience and interaction

Galit Ariel, author of Augmenting Alice and The Next Web keynote speaker joins us to talk about augmented storytelling

Galit Ariel, digital hippie, author and The Next Web / SXSW keynote speaker on the future of Augmented Reality will join us for a special and exclusive evening where she will talk to us about about the potential and challenges of augmented storytelling. If you haven’t already got a copy or seen her book there will be an opportunity to browse and buy your copy on the night.


Augmented Storytelling 

Storytelling is a relatively easy path to form immersion, which is why many brands build identities and marketing strategies around it. Successful exercises embed brand presence and usage rituals to make the brand experience inseparable from the targeted individual and social context. What Augmented Reality does is to combine brand storytelling with physical and digital platforms, interlacing multidisciplinary methodologies to create a rich narrative. Galit will discuss the potential and challenges of augmented storytelling.

Augmenting Alice 

Whether you are an Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality content creator or consumer, Augmented Reality will play a major role in our (near and far) future experiences and interactions. Augmenting Alice was written with the intent to contextualise and futurescape Augmented Reality applications, consider the technology’s implementation potential, challenges and risks. The book contains an augmented layer, which provides an interactive experience.

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Why Virtual Reality?

Why Augmented Reality?

$1 bn

AR users to hit $1bn by 2020


AR the primary driver of VR/AR market by 2021


Pokemon GO delivered $600m in mobile AR revenue in its first 3 months

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About Galit Ariel 

Galit Ariel : author, digital hippie and keynote speaker

Galit Ariel is a multi-disciplinary creative and strategic thinker who might bitch-slap people still using the term, disruptive innovation. Galit has held leadership roles in design, retail and education.

As a self-proclaimed digital hippie, her book, Augmenting Alice (July2017) explore the side-effects of implementing Augmented Reality: and the manner in which Augmented Reality diffusion will redefine core concepts related to identity, privacy, experience and ethics.

The book integrates an Augmented layer, allowing an additional experiential value, and the chance to update content (data and animations). Through her agency, Wonderlands, Galit helps clients shape their Augmented futures, exploring Augmented narratives, interaction tools, brand touch-points and experience creation.

Galit was recently a Keynote speaker at the New Dutch Wave House (SXSW March 17) and The Next Web conference (May 17)

https://www.linkedin.com/in/galitariel/  | http://wonderlands.com | @theargirl

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